Butte County California

From historic towns rich in local crafts to readily accessible natural wonders that are only a hike away, the adventure never stops once you move to Butte County. There's a reason world renowned artists have set up shop and left their big city life for this special pocket in Northern California. Butte County is a wonderful place to call home and we can't wait show you around.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

If you love spending time outdoors, Butte County is the place for you. With diverse landscapes that range from the Sierra Nevada foothills to the Sacramento Valley, you'll find countless opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

One of the main attractions is Bidwell Park in Chico, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. Featuring over 3,600 acres of lush greenery, picturesque trails, and swimming holes, Bidwell Park is perfect for hiking, biking, and picnicking. Beyond the park, residents can also enjoy boating and fishing at the stunning Lake Oroville or discover the breathtaking Feather Falls, California's sixth-highest waterfall.



Thriving Arts & Culture Scene

Butte County is home to a vibrant art and culture scene that caters to a wide range of interests. Chico, the county's largest city, is known for its thriving downtown area filled with galleries, museums, and theaters.

The Gateway Science Museum and the Chico Air Museum are popular destinations for families, while the historic Oroville State Theatre and Laxson Auditorium host an array of live performances throughout the year. Butte County is also home to the annual Chico World Music Festival and the Oroville Salmon Festival, both of which celebrate the region's rich cultural heritage.


Delicious Local Cuisine, Breweries & Wineries

Agriculture is a major industry in Butte County, and the region's fertile soil produces some of the best fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the country. This abundance of fresh produce translates into a thriving culinary scene, with farm-to-table restaurants offering an incredible array of delicious dishes.

Additionally, Butte County is home to several award-winning wineries, including the New Clairvaux Vineyard and the Grey Fox Vineyards. With so many delightful flavors to explore, you'll never run out of new culinary experiences to savor.

And for the craft beer lovers, since 1980 when Sierra Nevada Brewery launched their iconic brews, Butte County made it's mark on the international brew map paving the road for nanobreweries and tap houses around the country.


Wonderful Education Opportunities

Families moving to Butte County can be assured that their children will receive a quality education. The region boasts several highly-rated school districts, and there are numerous options for higher education as well.

Chico State University, a respected institution within the California State University system, offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Butte College, a community college with a strong reputation for sustainability and environmental stewardship, also provides numerous educational and vocational opportunities for local residents.


Smaller Communities with Affordable Housing

Butte County's friendly communities make it a welcoming place for newcomers to call home. The smaller towns and cities, like Paradise, Gridley, and Oroville, offer a perfect balance of small-town charm and modern amenities. The overall cost of living in Butte County is significantly lower than the California average, making it an affordable option for those seeking to escape the skyrocketing prices of the more urbanized areas of the state.

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