Paradise, California

Located just 20 minutes from Chico, this small town has values built on community and love. Paradise was affected by a fire in 2018, but since then has been rebuilding and working together to create a home for residents who are looking to come back or new residents who believe in the cause. Currently home to 10,000 residents, this Sierra-Nevada foothill town remains as strong as ever.

Rebuilding Paradise in California

The Paradise Restoration Organization, developed with the support of the North Valley Community Association, represents a collective effort of Camp Fire survivors and influential figures from both the public and private realms. Their primary focus is to address the sustained requirements of Butte County's residents, businesses, and workforce affected by calamities. Initiated by Charles Brooks in early 2019 with guidance from the Northbay Revitalization Organization, we've set up this charitable entity to facilitate resource accessibility and simplify the process for individuals returning to the impacted zones. The Paradise Restoration Organization is honored to collaborate with diverse non-profits, businesses, individual supporters, and governmental bodies to realize our objectives.

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